Upgraded to fibre optic Broadband made gaming far worse.

I have just upgraded to Sky super Fast Fibre Optic Broadband.

Medal of Honour, Call of Duty Live I was pretty damb good at it always coming out as top player. Since i've upgraded my broadband I cant kill anyone I cant even bring myself to play now it just makes me angry I've gone from being best player to worst player every game.

How can this happen ??? 


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In my experience the players with the slowest connections cause the one with fast connections to lag while they themselves are unaffected.Its not fair,I know.My speed is super slow(3mb) and I hear guys with 30mb speeds complain about lag when my game is running smooth.

you were enjoying the benefits of " lag compensation " op

now you are experiencing the other side of " lag comp "

welcome to my world

Have you changed anything else about how you're hooked up to it? I dunno much about Fibreoptic Broadband, but if it comes with a modem that has it's own built-in router and replaced a modem with it's own built in router that you were using before for cable/DSL or whatever... well it could just be that the router functions aren't set up right or just plain suck. On top of that, if by changing your form of broadband, you changed service providers, your new ISP could be sending you on a completely different (read: longer/slower) route to the LIVE servers. I would be running occasional TraceRT's to look for laggy spots and doing bandwidth speed tests, also making sure you can follow your console's connection to the modem with wires only - no bridges or other wifi! If your router/modem has QoS make sure it is turned on and configured to give LIVE priority. If it has an SPI Firewall, try turning it off for a bit and see if your gaming improves. It's not a good idea to run without it, but some routers just have HORRIBLE SPI that lags games like crazy.