Updating your gamercard questions.

Hi all.

I have recently returned to the xbox fold. 

I used to have a 360, and now have a xbox one.  Ive noticed on these forums that the 'gamercard', (on the left), does not seem to update the recently played games.  For example, ive been playing Elder Scrolls Online and Black Flag recently, but they dont show on my gamer card.  Is there a way of correcting this, and also, are we stuck with this gamercard.  The ps4 forums allow you to change it to one that shows off both your 'gamerscores@ as one (exophase for example).


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Whoops.  Sorry Daft Badger, it shows how long ive been away from xbox.  Thanks for your responses.  I will just have to hope the forum implements some changes soon.

Ur stuck with ur GTag, unless u pay. And NO, these forums don't update to take into account the X1...Good luck...

It's been nearly 2 years so I wouldn't expect them to update this site with our games from the One.


Op meant are they stuck with the gamercard on the left,not gamertag.Answer is still yes.

You used to be able to put things like an exophase gamercard in your sig but I don't think you can do that anymore.

We've been asking for our gamercards to be updated for ages but nothings happened yet.

None of them have xbox one games on the gamer card.

I've only got 360 & windows 8 games on my gamercard

U WILL have to pay for a new gamer tag. Change is 10$ sorry. GL...

Thanks for the responses.

I know about having to pay for a gamertag change (although you can do it once for free apparently).  How come some of you (Daft Badger) have xbox one games on your card if it doesnt update.  Does it only work for an account started on the xbox one, and not like mine originally set up on the 360.