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Ok, ever since we received the latest update I have been having problems with games installing.  For example I had a update for Project Spark yesterday.  I initiate the game  it comes up and says the update is complete.  But as soon as that happens it jumps back into the home screen and does not allow me to continue with the game. 

What happens next is the pain, I am then forced to do a hard reboot to get the game to work again.  Once I get back to the homescreen I click on the game again and then forced to sit threw the update again till it is complete.  Once this happens it works fine from there.  

I have automatic updates set to on with the xbox one on sleep.   So does anyone know of any way to fix this issue without having to go to support?


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sounds like something you need to report in the preview forums, not here.

xbox doesn't download game updates only system updates I noticed

Camaro I opted out of the Preview program (never downloaded it), Ghost I know that, but something is causing my games to lock up if there is an update.

I should have not added the part about the automatic updates in my OP.

Let me clarify because when I would start up the game that needs an update it comes up with a screen stating that the update is done, goes to the startup screen of the game and then crashes back to the home screen. Which then I need to do a hard restart and everything there on in works like it should.

Try uninstalling the game and reinstalling them. I had to do it with crimson dragon. And it worked again.

I am confused about what update you mean then. Xbox One has not had a standard update since the March update. And if you are talking about that update, this sounds like an isolated case. Maybe reset the Xbox to Factory and re-download updates?

Viking I would love to be able to try that but, with only getting 1 mb to 3 mb download it would take forever for me to download most of my games again.

Camaro I am talking about my game updates not system updates.    The issue began though when I received the latest Match update.