Updating activity on Xbox.com

Sorry if I missed this, 


Is there any news on when this site will have our activity, things like games played on our cards, cheevos and gamer score, all of us that have been on Xbox One still have Xbox 360 as the last activity.


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I haven't heard of any ETA yet but I'm certain they're working on it.

Ha that's crazy I was just thinking of this very question.

I'm hoping its all sorted out real soon. It seems strange, and would have thought all this would have been set in place for the launch.

Happy it's just not me, but yes I was surprised that they were not on the ball with this one, it's no biggie though, I expect one day we'll log on here and all will be like it should,,, then again lol.

They need to sort this out quick. My Raptr account can't track my achievements or time played so my friends will think I'm not gaming and I may actually have a "life"....can't have that ;p