Y is there so many updates for Xbox one.... This is sooooo very annoying!!! I don't keep my Xbox on line all the time n every time I put it back on line there is an update.. I just updated all my games and the system its self. A month later another update, Now all my games need to update again.... Y is this??? Its bad enough that when u first by the game u have to wait 45 min to a hour before u can even play it but then u add all the updates on top of it and your waiting even longer now.... I love my Xbox one but this is getting very stupid...


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Updates correct errors and problems and they also help to provide a better gaming experience. If there is an update, there must be a reason. Complaining about it on the forums will do absolutely NOTHING. So, I assume, you just wanted to blow of some steam?

It's the same for the Xbox 360. Just a few weeks ago I opened up some apps and a few GwG. A good % of both required an update, which when done would not allow me sign back into live.

So hard reboot needed. Then just now I went to open the IE app, and another update. This one took a while, but at least it signed me back in afterwards w/o having to do a hard reset.  

It just might be worth leaving instant on mode one.  I've got the preview dash app, so I'm used to monthly updates.

When the 360 initially dropped, there were a lot of updates, not as many as Xb1 has had a year in.

I do wish they'd get there act together though and launch updates with more meat, and spread out further between.

As for the games, well yeah the 360 was the same.  I always assumed that on MS's end,  balancing server loads by moving game addresses around.