Updates ruin good games?

Hey guys,

I don't know but I have a huge opinion about something that's been bugging me for a good few years now.

Does updates ruin great games? I understand that updates fix a lot of the bugs , and makes multiplayer games balance and so on, but I am a little tired of a few things. Just hear me out.

I am a old school gamer, I play a lot of different type of games. If I don't like a game, I don't play it.  Every time I see a perfectly good game with a nice balance of weapons it usually gets ruin because of people complaining about it. For example Call of duty4 Modern warfare. People hate juggernaut, and I mean hate.  I see it as a challenge to kill one. I even challenge myself to not even use stopping power to even do it.

Or even Gears of war. It's always a shotgun fest. It's because the majority of the fan base loves their shotguns. Whenever I see **** rifles get bump up in damage (in the past) The shotgun lovers hate it.

Heck , there's is somethings that are underpowered in games. For example Black ops 2 Awareness is not equal to majority of the perks in the game. Why not up that then fix the damages on certain guns.

Games should be totally even, If the majority of the players are using it and abusing whatever in a game. Players shouldn't feel force to use it you know?

Again - Gears of War and Shotgun fest.

 Things that need to be updated is stuff that makes people cheat. - Aim Hacks, see through walls , modded fire in multiplayer, and so on. Everyone in the game should be even.

That's just a little something I want off my chest and I want to see if anyone feels the same way? Heck share your opinions. I would love to read them.

~Cleric In A Box~


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Updates don't ruin games, players do

To be fair, only 1 of the 3 games you listed is a "good" game. The other 2 are just clones of clones.   :)

Thanks for your replies.  I do agree with both of you. Call of duty is a huge clone game, and I personally love Gears of War. Players ruin games all the time. I'm tired of the whole "I'm better then you attitude" but hey things happen.

Not really. While the stile may be similar, Black Ops and Modern Warfare are very different games. And while I do really like Gears since I'm an old school Epic fan, its pretty basic and any type of customization is purely cosmetic. Just like previous Gears games, its just lancers and shotguns while holding down super weapons.

And if you want to expand this whole "Updates ruining games" to games not on consoles....Let me introduce you to a game called Star Wars Galaxies.   LOL.

Blunt man if I could like your response, I totally would. So true on every level.

I hear what you are saying OP, and unfortunately that is just the nature of gaming.  No game maker can make 100% of people happy all the time.  If they hear enough feed back about a certain aspect of the game that is negative, a lot of the time they will make adjustments in an attempt to appease the majority.  So while some may hate said update, chances are the changes are for balance or to appease the majority in one way or another.  It's not always like this, but it does happen.

maybe you should get better with the shotgun and updates are great or else we would be stuck with bug crashing games fallout NV

Should he get better with the shotgun or should the game not be so much about repetition to begin with? But then again, most Gears players couldn't handle something like an Unreal because you actually had to learn how to counter more than two attacks.