Update the dlc section please

Hello there, How are we all doing today? I noticed in the new dlc section that it doesn't update right. When you go to look for new dlc the 4 pics that should be of new add ons are always for old Dying light and Fantasia. And even when there is new dlc it gets missed because its pushed way behind a ton of Fantasia and Dead or alive, Dying light. Please put the new dlc infront of the old stuff. Or I'm not going to bother looking for dlc in this mess. Thanks and have a good one!   : )


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Yeah its becoming a mess with all these music tracks and costumes I just use game hub now to get dlc for my games

@ OP, Stop making sense. It's not welcome here. lol

@goth is purple this seasons new red

^ Yes

Recommendations such as this is needed.  You should support it on the feedback website.  Since things that make sense need to be voted on.