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Someone showed me an YouTube on how to turn an X-BOX One into an PS4 using only an PS4 game disk; the same guy showed how to the PS4 into an X-BOX One using X-BOX One game disk.  I don't support or remand doing this I just Microsoft to know about this; since this needs to be fixed; in fact I sent the info to Sony as well to make sure the loophole gets fixed.      


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You know the saying "don't believe everything you see on the Internet"?   I think that may apply here.

You just know someone's actually tried this lol

Just for a chuckle I went and looked this up on youtube. There are also people claiming you can turn your 360 into an X1 or PS4. As well as turn a PS3 into a X1 or PS4.

Most of them seem to be tricking people into resetting their console to factory settings and deleting everything off of their hard drive. Seems like a pretty poor and mean joke.

Yes Op that exactly what will happen but Daft badger used to be called Sane Badger, until he put a PS1 disc into his Original Xbox. We filmed it. His mum is still mad at us for making him feed VHS machine a cheese sandwich.

Don't forget the pancake in the Gamecube incident either Jasp :-)

Hey I wasn't there. That was Gillette.

We are all doomed...