Update issues with games installed on an external hard drive - Anyone else?


is anyone else having issues updating games that are installed on an external hard drive?

So far this has happened to me with games such as Diablo III, Mortal Kombat X, Trials Fusion. and more recently, Killer Instinct.

The only way around it that I have found is to uninstall the games and reinstall them, which is ridiculous. Also, as far as I remember, those games were first installed on the main drive and then manually moved to the external one.

It could be game related, console related or even drive related.

More specifically, right now Killer Instinct update gets stuck at 17% and then it gives me the "Installation Stopped" message.

Any insight on this would be greatly appreciated, as it is getting really annoying.


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I'm using an external drive and I haven't had an update problems.

No issues with an external and updates here either.....

As the XBox ONE's internal drive is only about 369MB worth of space for actual games... the rest being put to one side for updates and such... I picked up an External HD ages ago.

Never any trouble with it.

Your external HD.  Is it powered by the console or does it have it's own seperate Power Supply?

Mine is seperately powered and I have seen people who's HD's aren't seperately powered having issues because of the juice it's sucking from their One.


It's registry related. Basically when you installed the game the first time it created a registry entry showing it to be on the internal drive. When you moved it manually the registry entry remained the same so updates still try to install to a directory where the game no longer exist.

Newer games are probably being coded to look for the game but some of the older ones or smaller developer titles are going to have issues.

Thank you all for the replies.

@Azrael008uk - I have two external drives, both usb powered, second drive is very recent and I had issues with the first one well before adding the second one.

@Randver - being a software developer myself, I thought it might be something along those lines, but is this an educated guess on your part or have you actually seen this happen because of that reason? If it's registry related, then I would say it is an Xbox One issue, shouldn't that original registry entry be removed/updated upon moving the game?



The PC has had that same problem with games ( or any application for that matter) since there have been PC's. The installation process is what creates the registry entry so when you move files for the application nothing is being changed in the registry.

The Xbox only knows your moving files from point A to Point B and has no way of knowing what impact that will have on those specific files.

@Randver - I know of no native way to move applications on a PC, I could see that causing issues, but I was hoping that what Microsoft had come up with was reliable moving feature addressing those issues

If the moving process depends on the game providing some specific details, then maybe in some cases the game developers failed to provide complete information, hence causing those issues.

Sorry to insist, but as far as you know, has this been reported elsewhere or am I the first one actually complaining about this?


I'd be willing to bet their move option is just a cut/paste. I don't know of anyway the OS could determine if you were just moving a save file, a video or an entire game. It would have to re-launch the installation process in order to do that and then your basically just re-installing the game again.

The developers could fix it by having updates look for the installation directory and then changing the registry at that time if its different. I believe that is occurring in some cases because not every game has the issue.

You aren't the first t have this problem. Shortly after external HD support was launched numerous people were having the same issue under the same circumstance (moved not re-installed). I think the "move" option is more useful for backing up games rather than an alternative to re-installing.