update destroyed my 360

I just want people to know the new update destroyed my 360,I got the xbox live update then my 360 went to freezing on start up screen.

Called Microsoft and they said it was probably going to tear up any way and the update just helped it out, so they are aware the update has

problems. Have always like Xbox but now it's like if its broke buy another not fair. If you read this dont update because it will break your 360.


If you have this problem call and tell them at 1-800-4myxbox,and if Microsoft see this email me [Mod Removed] and schedule to call me this is so WRONG.


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is this today? the last update i got was a little over a few days ago and i have had no problems? got both a 360 S and an original white 360

March 10

that was the last one i got. nothing happened that could be remotely bad for me. i even used my fat original last night to pull up Facebook. is there any chance you either had a weak power brick (orange/red LED when console is on) or you shut the unit down via front panel button vs. going to 'turn off system' via dashboard? both of those have been primary causes for RRoD for me

Game has been perfect just updated and started freezing on the dashboard then just kept freezing on start screen they want even help took memory card out still freeze just be careful

i doubt it is the update. look at your power brick when your console is on (should not matter if it is frozen or not) and if it is orange or red it's your power brick that is faulty. my first Xbox 360 white was fine until i just turned it off and right back on, then i got RRoD. power supply light was red. it was not frozen when i turned it off, all i did was reboot it. the sudden power down and back up killed an already weak power supply

i think it can be a hardware problem, mosfet oder gpu if it freeze


The moment after the February update was installed on my 360. It stopped reading any and all discs including movies and music. I brought the problem to Microsoft but they refused to fix it unless I paid to have it fixed even though it is clearly their faulty update that caused it. I am seriously considering getting rid of my 360 and live membership and getting a PS3 instead. Then at least I would not have to deal with the crappy customer service at Microsoft. I know several people that had the same problem with the February update and all Microsoft does is basically tell us to go F ourselves unless we fork over cash to fix a problem THEY caused.

My wireless MS headset will disconnect me From live anytime I try to turn it on during a game. This has never happen before and I'm not sure what's causing it yet. My sons Xbox will freeze up for 3 seconds when he turns his on but he doesn't get disconnected. I'm not sure if the update has done this or not. @ironskull86 just so you know there have Been numerous claims as well with Ps3's getting bricked after a update.



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@Biohazard: I'd call Xbox Support since that sounds VERY awkward.