Unresolved account issues after 2 months

Someone intruded on my Xbox Account around August 12th, bought $150 worth of Microsoft Points, spent them, and then transferred my account region to Poland (I guess it possible they did the transfer THEN spent the points).

I called Microsoft support the morning I got the emails that the 2 transactions had taken place. I wasn't in front of my Xbox when I called (no console ID or serial number), so I just asked the representative to lock the account down, which she did. I called back later that night, in front of my console and explained the situation. My account got hacked, someone spent money on my credit card... etc... They put in a ticket for it to be looked at.

Two weeks go by, I get nothing. So I call and they no one has even looked at the ticket yet. Fine.

Some more time goes by (maybe a week or two), I miss a call from Microsoft. I call support again and they say they were trying to correct a secondary email address issue. One of the support representatives above had put it in incorrectly. I asked if anything had been done regarding my issue, and the representative told me that if they were asking for this info, they were probably working on it now.

Fast forward a month later, and I still have yet to hear word one from anybody. I'm out $150, and I can't connect to Xbox Live with my account. Even if I could, it would be Poland's Xbox Live. And my dashboard is in Polish. I don't want to start a new account, because on the off chance that this one gets fixed, I'd rather be able to keep all my stuff.

So right now, Microsoft is losing out on money from me because 1) I'm not paying for Xbox Live, 2) I'm not buying/renting movies or games.

If someone can help, I can provide additional info because it looks like there are 3 billing accounts under my Windows Live ID as well. I created the first one (currently inactive) and the hacker/social engineer created the other two.

My account is fully back in my control at this point. I've changed the password 2 or 3 times already.



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