Unplayable Lag on online game modes

I'm really upset :( my xbox has been wonderful so far but yesterday it started lagging a little on battlefield 4, I thought nothing of it and went to play COD instead - it was fine.

Today EVERY game I have been playing on Ghosts I have been lagging, I press the reload button and it takes 3 seconds before he even begins the action. I tested ghosts single player and it was instant!

So I thought, "aah must just be virgin's connection" but same happened on Fifa and now it's just making me sad because I really can't play these ultra-smooth games like this!!!

my connection speeds are same as normal, 20mbs download speed and 6 ping, my NAT is open and I've tried messing about with my routers settings but no results :/ Any suggestions? or people having the same issues? 


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Can nobody help then? :(

What are the upload speeds?

This isn't a support forum. I recommend that you either go to the support forums or here.

Also, there is a service alert that might be affecting your game that can be seen here.

im on 120 meg virgin iv been playing cod ghosts and I can barely go even because of the lag, its either virgin connection which tends to be horrible with latency or the servers I am dead most of the times I see them first on my screen wtf annoying as hell then I just running around for kills camp and die because of lag for 20 meg it will be 2mbp upload and 120 meg is 12 meg upload