Unnecessary updates and disconnections from XBL!

Hey, so I've been having issues with my XBL connection and I honestly don't know what it is. Every time I start a multiplayer game I get disconnected. The main game I play is Gears of War 3, and every time I boot the game it disconnects me from LIVE and prompts me to update the game, EVERY TIME! It's really frustrating because I thought it was just something minor, but lately it's become a problem now.

I don't know if I'm right no this but it feels like it's only on older games? I also played Left 4 Dead 2 and it does the same exact thing every time! >:/ The fact that I get kicked when I'm with friends in a party annoys me because it's an unnecessary update. I forgot to mention that when it's "updating" it finishes the downloading and doesn't re-sign me back on XBL & put me on the party. I have to manually sign in again and it takes awhile to notice that it always says my console can't connect to XBL and prompts me to troubleshoot. I usually decline it, and try signing in again.

At this point my profile has been completely signed off and have to manually try again, until it actually lets me back on. Nothing from my previous session is restored. Some times in Gears 3 it even does this thing like if I had been a new player and starts giving me a bunch in-game notifications like I were a new player. As for Left 4 Dead 2 it freezes for a few seconds and refuses to sign in like I previously stated. Is there any suggestions out there or people with similar issues? I find this irritating at times because I know it's not necessary. So it there's anything, it would be of much help to fix this issue. Thanks in advance.


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