Unlocking Xbox 360 Achievements on the Xbox One

Ok so I have a question and I'm not sure if anyone can answer yet, but I wanted to see if maybe someone might now. I recently installed Mass Effect onto my xbox one when they announced the backwards compatibility at E3. I was running through the game and unlocked a few achievements along the way. While I am super happy for unlocking them, the progress in unlocking them are not showing up in my gamerscore. Am I to understand that this may be a glitch right now, or do I have to log into my 360 console to see that they are adding to my gamerscore?


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They should add onto your score just as if you were getting them on a real 360.

My guess would be that it is a glitch. This is after all what the preview is for, to find things such as these.

If you unlocked the achievement on the 360 origionally it wont raise your GS so no double achievements. I'm glad they did it that way .

I did not unlock them on the 360 yet, just unlocked them today on the xbox one. I think they are glitched for me right now. A few of my other friends have unlocked 360 achievements on their xbox one with the backwards compatible and it has counted towards their gamerscore. So I believe it is a glitch. Thanks guys hopefully it will be fixed soon.