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I'm planning to purchase an xbox one from the US but live in India. Will I get service in Indian service centers? Will the warranty be valid here? Plus I would like to confirm whether the games I buy here(from India) will work on the console. Thanks

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No idea how the warranty will work but the games and consoles are region free so they will work as long as you have the correct power cord.

Thanks a lot. But I would still like to know about the warranty if someone knows nd I'm not sure about the power cord.

Dont know about warranty, but i am sure tech support for the one is just a few minute walk.

I'm pretty sure the warranty will work per se but you would have to deal with the company where you purchased the console from. On the other hand, local Microsoft has been very helpful with warranty issues even when the hardware was purchased from other countries. I have no idea how it would work in India. If you have a local Microsoft ask them.