Uninstall game/app, it still resides in the 'Your Games.." section

I just uninstalled the NBA Live 14 demo and I noticed it's still listed under my "Your games and apps" section, but with a cloud icon now. If this is how MS is going to handle cloud downloads, this will get messy fast. I think we need an option to remove apps/games from our download history. Thoughts? Suggestions? 

From Xbox Support after asking about removing it: "Actually, we followed up on this & similar to download history on Xbox 360 consoles, your content will remain there." 


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If you notice there's a little cloud icon on it. It's uninstalled, I just like a link in case you want to download it again.

Yep, that's the issue. Imagine a few months down the road when our "Your games and apps" section is super cluttered with our previously downloaded items. This is also the only place to view what you have installed so users probably use this menu more than any other section.

An ideal situation would be able to hide specific apps or games like Apple has done with the App Store. The way the 360 handled it before was perfect. There was a separate section for Purchase History and our items weren't in our Games section.

Of course I have a feeling this was done this way due to small HDDs and big games so you can easily reinstall games. That would be fine however if apps and game demos weren't shown there. Want to show full games there? Cool. Just let me choose which ones.

Removing apps and games from download history would be a bad idea. Imagine accidentally removing a game you payed for.

A better option would be a filter to filter out games not installed.

Why not just "pin" the games you've downloaded? I think I've been to my apps twice cuz everything I need is pinned