Unfirmiliar username on my account that I do not remember registering

So basically what happened was I bought the PC version of Grand Theft Auto IV a while back. I just now found out that my Microsoft account with my Email address is now associated with the username "VirulentHarbor4". Is this a default username of some kind? Because I have absolutely no memories whatsoever of creating an Xbox Live account let alone an Xbox Live account with this username. I found out about this by logging in to a Microsoft Account with my Gmail username and then I found out that an Xbox Live account with this username had been created. Forgive my lack of knowledge, but this is the very first time that I have had an experience with the Microsoft/Xbox community, period. More weirdly, I managed to log in to the account by using my usual password.

Is this a default username of some sort that was set by a moderator or administrator? Or do I have someone that has created an Xbox Live account using my Email address and possibly other login credentials without my knowledge? This is easily the oddest experience I have ever had and all attempts at closing the account have been unsuccessful. If this is not a default username and if there is anything to suggest that I have someone out there who has registered this account without my authorization, then please BAN THIS ACCOUNT AND ALL ASSOCIATED CREDENTIALS IMMEDIATELY.


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Yes, it is a default user name. You created a Games for Windows account, but most likely never had an Xbox Gamertag before. Since the Games fr Windows name was most likely already taken on the Xbox Side, when you logged into Xbox, you get a generic GT. You CAN change the GT once, for free, from you Xbox Dashboard, though you may not get the exact name you have for Games for Wndows.

An Xbox LIVE gamertag and a Games for Windows LIVE gamertag are the exact same thing. If you played GTA4 back then with your Microsoft account details you would have been given that random name.


If you didn't use your Microsoft account on the game but instead just signed in here at xbox.com then you also would have been given a random name.


Unfortunately if "a while back" is more than a month ago then you wont be able to make use of the free name change that Blunt mentions and any change will cost 800 Microsoft Points.


You wont be able to delete this account but you can change the details associated with it support.xbox.com/.../switch-gamertag-to-different-microsoft-account.