Unfair advantage controllers

Is it against MS Tos agreement if you use one of these in multiplayer? Because it seems to me in order for someone to have skill and get 45+ kills you need one. Then tell me all sorts of bad words that I suck when they have no skill and use one and not even try to hide the fact. Ran into 2 last night that one admited it and the other one fought me up and down he did not use one.


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My understanding is that it is ok to have extra buttons (usually on the bottom) which can be programmed to substitute for one of the other buttons. Things like rapidfire, super speed movement and other such "mods" which actually make you able to manipulate the game are against all the rules.


Pretty sure modded controllers are against the rules. Especially with rapid fire mods that ruin the game for many.

If you plan to play it on the single player game modes, sure, go for it, but don't use it online, because people will get annoyed with you fast.

Why can't they ban these modded controllers like they do with the consoles?

They can be banned but MS needs to do a program like they did with xbox one that if you get caught cheating you get into a cheater pool of people or was that just titan fall? If its titan fall then MS can learn alot from them.

What gets me is not the rapid fire controllers which they are easy to beat them. Its the ones that have that option and the ones that when you pull the left trigger to aim it auto aims on the person then a second after that it fires. Thats why when I see someone that has barely over a 1.0 kd that gets massive kills are modded. They have no skilll. Aslo the ones that have over a 4.0 wl record or kd have boosted to get that and gear on ghost. Then you got the ones that cant even shoot people even with those controllers that have to lag the whole lobbie out. Its really sad. If it was my company and these people were doing this they would be ip ban for life or 100 dollars for each offence.

im assuming it would be hard to detect these controllers, i mean there are some genuine gamers that can get a high death/kill count, on some cod bo2 games i can easily get 25/30 kills in one game and i dont believe in using modded controllers, It is a shame people take it to the next level to constantly win, i mean it is the thrill of thinking your going to win the game, cheating in any way takes that feeling away.

I have friends that have a better connection than me and sometimes I can get more kills than them and sometimes them more than me but one of my friends left 360 due to all the cheating and went to ps4. I dont blame the guy. We dont care if we lose if its legit but when we are winning then a lag switch comes into play and that person on the other team that is negitive come out and goes 25+ kills and the only one that went possitive on the other team cheats to do it needs to be banned and fined for tampering with the internet. Same goes for the modded controllers that have instant hold breath when zoomed in or other illegal features. MS could possibly make a killing in the end if they enforced the cheating.

Its gotten to the point on ghost where over half of the people use modded controllers. The other day this person hacked the game and made his name show up as if he was on our team. To me this is a serious offence of the rules but for ms to do anything to this person is as saying they would ban people for hacking waw. To me if you go thru MS service to play a game and they hack or cheat then its MS fault for not doing their job. Also its the game company fault not to patch this. If they chose not to patch then ms needs to block it from online play. Its as simple as that. I love games and I really dont care if I lose its how I lose by people cheating.