Well then, here goes! This is the most underwhelming experience I have played in a console release.

Have been playing Forza5. What the hell is turn10 trying to accomplish,  by giving us a  watered down game that lacks anything revelutionary  at all. They have cut the car & track list. Bloody sunlight everywhere so you cant see where your going, static environments, with the odd waving flag!. No rewards for winning! Hell you dont even have to win to get a gold medal! This is suppost to be ground breaking tech? I have been playing to level 10, & now Im over it, & bored with the three cars in my garage. There is no point tuning cars because the stock ones are so close to the class limit anyway.

The handling is ordinary, the graphics are ok at best.

Now for the console. Hohum at best!  The hub is ordinary. The kinect gave me a headache when headtracking was enabled. Even without moving my head at all, the screen would shudder back & forth!

Am I being too quick to judge? I didnt have this feeling when the 360 was released!, I played countless hours of halo, loved everything about PGR4, with its weather effects; Forza5 cant even manage that! GTA5 has dynamic weather? Why cant Forza?

To me, Turn10 are like the school yard bullies who steal  kids lunch money!

Rant  over for now!

Ps; Why is there no spellcheck option here?  I rightclick & I get squat!


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Yes thank goodness the lie-filled rant is over.

I knew I shouldn't have read this!

What do you mean? What reason would I have to lie? Im expressing my opinion! Have you even played the game, or got the console yet? If not, dont waste my time or yours!

Just ignore the worthless silvers.

I bought Forza, but haven't opened it yet. Deciding if I should return it or not. I already built a PC sim rig for my racing needs that destroys anything any console can dream about. But I had an EXCELLENT experience with the ONE tonight. I was going to sell my launch console but SO glad I changed my mind. That's not to say it was perfect. I still can't seem to get mine to turn on by saying xbox on. But off works as does everything else. I had no problem with it picking up my commands. My cable box might be an issue though. I'll have to see how that goes. XBOX , THREAD OFF.

Except they didn't steal your money, you handed it to them voluntarily.

Yeah, Just had another go at a race, quit half way through the game in disappointment.

I dont want to give people the wrong impression! this is just my opinion.  

Well you should have said you were underwhelmed with Forza in the title. To the common forum go-er, that looks like you've posted a console rant and people will come in ready to tear you apart for it.

Gees your a touchy bugger aren't you?

Just so you don't get your knickers all twisted around your lady parts, The title refers to both, my comment @ 11.15am refers to the game!

& your comment @ 11.12am? Wtf? where in this thread has that comment any relevance? No one mentioned anything about stealing?

& what decent human being is going to " Tear me apart" as you so eloquently put it, for stating my opinion?

And you obviously are a troll if you didn't say it's the greatest thing since sliced bread...Shame on you for going against the grain.


Now for all you other folks...Not everyone is going to like every game. It doesn't mean they are a troll.


Could the reviews be written with a little less "hate"? Sure they could. But sadly that is not the way of the world anymore.


The OP gave his opinions. Instead of jumping down his throat, why aren't you guys the bigger people and refrain from stooping to his level?

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