Unable to Reply to posts............ ( i know there have bee threads about this before)

For some reason, today i am unable to reply to posts. When i click on the green REPLY tab in a post, the tab just disappears. So i try to click on the one above that and that disappears as well.

I know there have been threads about this before, but i just did a search for 'Unable to reply to posts' i got the message that nothing could be found?


Any ideas?


I will thank you all now for any information, as i wont be able to after i hit the POST button ;-)



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you need to clear your cookies on your pc.

google, clear cookies or empty cache ,for more info as it changes depending on what browser you are using.

clearing cookies dont always i work i done it loads on google chrome internet explorer and firefox and it did nothing

Well it looks like i can post replies again.............. I didnt do a thing - i just left it for a few days, came back and now i can reply to posts again? Weird eh......

i still can't post in paragraphs or post links.... i've given up caring

+1 butters.

forums is brokeded still.

I had this same problem a few weeks back on both this home laptop and a works one. I cleared cookies and temp files on both but only my work laptop worked after that. Now I have come back on here (at home now) and I can reply all OK.

Really bizarre!! This forum layout isn't as good as the old used to be.

Its a shame what they did to these forums to be honest, it amazes me that somebody actually sat back and said "Oh yeah I like that, lets change the forums to this!"



Me too! strange!