Unable to play any games or apps!

Recently my Xbox One has been refusing to start up any game and some apps (4oD and YouTube). The only thing I can think of is that maybe my Live Gold had ran out, but I checked and it's on 04/04/2014 that it runs out, in three days. It happened while I was playing FIFA 14, and gave me the code '0x87de2720' however when I attempted to find this code at 'xbox.com/support', it said that the code did not exist. I have tried uninstalling FIFA and installing again, but it cannot install and says 'Installation stopped'. I have also tried a factory reset, however when I tried to re-install FIFA, it said again that the installation had stopped. I have no idea why this has happened, and would appreciate help. Thanks.


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This was from another thread.

Read another post with a similar complaint. It was resolved by power cycle the unit by holding your finger on the power button for 5-8 seconds while the Xbox is powered on. System should reset itself and hopefully clear up the problem

Thanks I'll give it a try.

Anytime. Let me know how you go!