Un savvy 360 user needs 411 so i can download dvd in console of my skydiving adventure onto youtube so my family can see. Youtube app is installed...

.....could ne1 of u kind tech proficient folks help out this helpless fool before my 8 yr old son turns 9 and knows 100% of my knowledge and 2000% more in addition! In the last year ive watched him go from 1% of my knowledge to 60% and thats with little lessons from me and includes many things that he actually knows that my limited knowledge of a bit of everything with zero expertise about anything. My son knows alittle about a lot and alot about quite a bllit of things and his base of thourough knowledge of everything he ends up using grows exponentially with every task he learns of and sets out to learn so he can do or create some idea he has requiring the new capabilities he hears about being available for creating. So untill next year or as sooon as he shows me im old news in the tech world because kids under ten almost alll know  more then me, please help! Thanks lots!


---granpa like guy


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If i understand this right you want to upload a dvd to your console & then upload it to youtube? If so then it can't be done

You will need to upload the Dvd onto a computer, then add it to Youtube that way. You cannot do it through the Xbox.