Got a question. Can the xbox do ultra violet movies over the internet. Its from what I have read over the internet is that you can stream or download them to watch them.


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UltraViolet is the MPAA's answer to iTunes having a virtual lock on digital movie distribution. The quality of the one UltraViolet movie I've watched (Green Lantern) kinda sucks, but Vudu's supposedly got better quality.


Unfortunately, UltraViolet is fractured across multiple provider platforms. You need not only an UltraViolet account, but you then need an account on a provider platform. Currently, those include Flixster, Vudu, Sony Pictures, Paramount, and several others.


There are several "catches":


When you reedeem an UltraViolet code, it has to be locked to a provider. When you get a UV code with a Blu-ray movie you only get a couple choices of provider. So far, out of the seven UV codes I've received with UV codes, I believe six of the seven were Vudu or Flixster, and one was Vudu or Sony. As Flixster can download to the iPad, I choose to lock my movies to Flixster and Sony (no idea if Sony has an app, but I know Vudu won't download).


The Providers do not cross-honor each other's content. Lock your movie to Flixster and you have to use Flixster to watch it. Some providers (Flixster) allow for downloading a local copy for offline viewing. Others (Vudu) do not. Adding to this, not all providers are available on all platforms. Flixster isn't on the 360. Paramount and Vudu are, but of course no cross-honoring of content so while the Paramount app can see the seven movies I own, it won't let me watch any of them.


So as you can see, it's all a big mess. Not all UV codes are usable with all providers. Not all providers offer all UV content. Not all devices can play all UV content.


If you want to try it, Vudu is offering a free movie if you sign up for both a Vudu and UltraViolet account through their website (you HAVE to sign up for both through their site, so don't make your own UV account first).


I will repeat the same warning I've stated before - you do not "own" DRM'ed digital content. When the servers go, the content goes. Do not consider a UV movie to be something you own. It's a long-term rental, at best. The same goes for all DRM'ed content you buy, be it Marketplace DLC, Games on Demand, iTunes movies, or Steam games. If you want to OWN a movie or game, buy it on DVD or Blu-ray. Use UltraViolet, iTunes, Windows Media Player, Marketplace, or PSN as an alternative, not as a definitive source for something in your collection.

Thanks for the info Icestorm. Yea my brother got me the expendables on blu rey and I can watch it but ps3 is in living room I gave that up for it to be a netflix for my brothers kids. That way I can play on xbox lol. Im not sure why they didnt do a blu rey/dvd combo on expendables 2 but o well. I wont use the ultra violet thingy it seems like a headache to use.

I realize I'm kind of necro-threading but Floorboss, UV can be really easy once it's all set up. This process would work for 85% of UV codes out there:

1. Make a VUDU account.

2. Go to the account page and link it to UV (it will link you if you are just making your account- if not just login in to UV through VUDU).

3. Any time you have any UV code try it on VUDU. Ignore whatever the paper says (for the easiest results. Same goes for iTunes code- they may link you to other sites to enter them, but if it's code only they will almost certainly work right on iTunes).

4. Download the VUDU app on your XBOX, and tablet, and log in on your computer and watch the movies in your collection.

(5. Make a Flixster account, and use it for most any code that VUDU won't accept- this should bring your success rate up to about 97% of the time.)

Contrary to what the other guy was saying, if you later feel like creating a Cinemanow or Flixster account- as soon as you login to your main UV account through those portals, and any movie that is UV enabled on those particular sites will now be available to watch on that site as well (meaning you can get your movies on your cell phones and any tablet). If you log on to UVVU itself it will always link you to wherever you redeemed it, but your collection should show up anywhere that is linked. Each UV portal (VUDU, M-Go, Cinemanow, etc) has their own deals with studios, so what titles are UV enabled are not standardized on each, but there is a massive overlap. IE I have 760 titles in UVVU, of which 740 are on VUDU, 730 are available on Flixster, 590 are on CN. More TV shows are UV enabled on Flixster than anywhere else currently so if you get TV seasons, you might do well to make that account.

The idea behind UV is to make a DRM locker that any participating streaming service can check with and then allow you access to. Within that framework, if I buy a show on Cinemanow, but Best Buy discontinues the service, I can still watch that movie on VUDU or Flixster. And indeed, when my UV account was temporarily disabled on my VUDU account, all of the UV codes I redeemed through them stayed available- it was just the ones I'd redeemed elsewhere that no longer showed up.

The final benefit, is you can add family members to your UV family and they can access through their own portals. My brothers in Philly and DC both watch my collection through flixster on their Macs and iPads, while a few other friends do so through VUDU on their 360's and that system of Sony's. It's a really nice perk.

[quote user="seregloth"]Contrary to what the other guy was saying, if you later feel like creating a Cinemanow or Flixster account- as soon as you login to your main UV account through those portals, and any movie that is UV enabled on those particular sites will now be available to watch on that site as well [/quote]What I wrote was true at the time. In the six months since then, the studios have been cross-pollenating their lineups such that all of the recent movies I've redeemed have been available in HDX on Vudu, regardless of service. It may take a few days to show up, but so far they have been.

I've been redeeming UV's since Green Lantern and HP & the Deathly Hallows 2 came out, and they always were cross service. At first Flixster was the only portal in town, but it has been an actual truth as well as a technical one since VUDU joined the DECE last spring, and then reinforced when CN joined. But even with the first few movies that were enabled if you redeemed them on the various studio sites they all filtered in to Flixster (back in late 2011/early 2012).

Anyway, like you said, it certainly is the way I described now. Not sure if Floorboss ever tried in the end, but for me it has been a really effective service, as I sold my [Sony system] I had connected to my tv, and my only bluray player is hooked up to my projector. If I'm watching something on the television in my living room, or on my tablet in bed, it's nice to have access to my movies.

I've actually ended up down-sizing my BD collection from 500 by about half, in favor of a predominantly UV collection (as I mentioned- edging toward 800 movies week by week). With 35 MBPS internet, VUDU streams 1080p w/ 5.1 surround sound, so even projected on a 100" screen it looks great. Though if I have the disc I do use it for the projector, obviously. And for 3D using discs is pretty much necessary.

[quote user="seregloth"]I've been redeeming UV's since Green Lantern and HP & the Deathly Hallows 2 came out, and they always were cross service.[/quote]As I said, at the time I posted they weren't. To this day, Green Lantern is stuck being a terrible SD copy as well.


If you want to throw in with UltraViolet instead of having physical discs, that's your choice. The only UVs I own are ones that come with Blu-ray discs and one I bought because I had a credit for sign-up. Walmart has shut down digital offerings before. I wouldn't trust the service to not do it again.

I could see getting down to around 200 or so blurays, plus some dvds, but there's a built in redundancy to UV I think has a decent shot. I also doubt if I were to change my mind and disc back up that blu-ray discs will cost more in a year or two than I got for selling 250 blu's over this past year. (So a waste of time, but probably not a waste of money if I changed my mind).

Plus, if anyone announces they're closing up shop, all three of the current portals offer the option to download digital copies. If I get worried enough, I'll by a TB external, save all my movies to it, and call it a day.

And many of the codes I've added to VUDU were in the spirit (as you put it) of a long-term rental, where I got the code on the cheap from someone not planning to use it. 

The XBOX ONE can also use the sainsburysentertainment app, once activated, just link to UV account. For some reason couldn't redeem codes on app though, had to go to Flixster through microsoft edge, also linked to UV acc., pick correct movie and enter code. Can all be done on XBOX ONE. If like me you get a request for Adobe flash-player, you possibly haven't activated the app yet or trying to run from microsoft edge?

hi  would really like ultra violet option on the xbox devices thanks guys