Ultimate Sale is a Joke

Sorry Microsoft but you clowns can't even manage a sale. The prices are so far off the map it's not even funny. Most of the deals can be picked up at retail for the same price or less and that is without a sale. Microsoft has proven time and time again that Games on Demand is a failure and most if not all games on the service are over priced. No games are posted at release and none offer preloads or any other incentives. If it's on Games on Demand it's overpriced. To be honest I'm tired of looking at a bunch of scrub games on page 2 and 3 and having to sit here and wait for more crappy deals with incorrect prices. So tomorrow I will just go buy what I'm looking for at retail for the same or less without the waiting. Thank you Microsoft for again being absolutely useless and wasting everyones time.




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Yeah and 19.99 for Assassins Creed is such a deal... LOL spare me your pathetic excuses fanboy. Why is it that Dirt 2 is 2.99 in Canada yet 4.99 in the US? There are so many mistakes in the posted sales prices from region to region it's kind of funny. Tomb Raider Legend appeared on my Dashboard at 4.99 but was then changed to 14.99 The Halo prices were no different. Halo 3 for 19.99 really? Laughable but please feel free to enlighten us LostKauz... Rage off...

MS need to take note from steam. A regular low priced sale on a few games, which rotates daily or weekly would be good. Im not willing to spend 14.99 on a six year old title, when i can get the disc used from a store for 4.99 but I would spend that 4.99 online from xbox live. Do MS actually want our money?!

Steam sells PC games, different format...Considering ANY PC game can be gotten for free. THAT is why they sell PC games so cheaply, and PC game prices and sales plummet after a few months.


Comparing apples and bananas will get you no where.

I thought it was nice to see Games on Demand running competitive prices.  I took it as an oppertunity to express that if games are going to be sold at a fair price I'd buy them.  I of course picked up Halo 4 for 40$...  You might say that its cheaper else where.  But running brand new on amazon at 37$ a week earlier it's pretty square on.  Considering it's loaded entirely on my Xbox's SSD and I don't have to worry about scratched disks.  Its good.

I got 2 titles for 6 bucks I am happy with it. if you do not like it choose to ignore the feature. drive to gamestop everytime you want a game.

IMO games on demand is solely here for when you are hanging out bored and happen to stumble across something interesting looking and hopefully at a somewhat decent price.

I understand some games are ridiculously over priced and some even more expansive than some stores sell the titles for. but this is because Microsoft does not have a competitive pricing policy. Live with it


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Saying you can buy any pc game for free is implying you either work for a game store or you are pirating them. You can say the same for xbox games if you want. PC games are not sold cheaper because of piracy, they are cheaper to develop for because there are no licensing costs or proprietary development platforms to buy into, as there are with the consoles. The price of console games also used to plummet rapidly, before the digital deployment artificially raised the price bar again, now you will see older games in stores going for around the same price as the download, or a bit less as the stores try to stay competitive.

I hope they keep up this grand sale and do it more frequently, is what im saying. It will benefit players and MS in the long run.

and Its all about the money, not the fruit :)

i want fruit.

Nice job OP, get mad because the games YOU WANTED are not as low priced as YOU WANTED them to be.

Self entitlement is such a plague now a days.

Why didn't I hear about this sale?! Man, the dashboard feels so cluttered and confusing sometimes... I'm going to check this out ASAP!

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