Ultimate Game Sale should continue indefinatley (Weekly)

Hey All,

Just my thoughts here, but if xbl were to continue that awesome sale that went on between Feb 28 and March 4 they would sell tonnes of games. I bought 4 over the week. Maybe not change the games every day but just have a decent selection  of games every week to pick from. 

Steam make a tonne of cash doing it and id be keen to see the sales figures of GoD during the last week compared to previous years and months. Here in Australia we are charged ridiculous amounts for GoD and MS points and xbla games. As its all digital content and downloaded the exact same way the rest of the world does it and our dollar is better than the US dollar and has been for some time now, I cant fathom the reason we are charged so much., 

XBL please base your next gen console marketplace on the steam model, because ive spent more on steam in the last 6 months than xbl. 

Im a console gamer, at least i want to be, but the prices keep pushing me away. $50 AUD for Halo 3... Um hell no.

Again just my thoughts.


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I agree and I spent $112.00 more during the last sale than I would have with just another crappy arcade sale.

That was a good sale I should have bought more.  I could see that kind of sale going well on a bi monthly basis.