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I plan on playing my 360 as well as One for the time being, I know I can transfer my profile onto USB (although I am unsure how to do it, any help would be much appreciated.) to go between each console but as I have never done it before I am unsure what it actually does, will this mean my Xbox live subscription is all in one and I can use a USB to play on my accounts instead of importing everything I wanna play each console ? I know it doesn't bring over saves and if was 360 to 360 it would allow me to play live with my tag on a different machine. However if live is one account, I take it all I need is the profile tag ? Sorry if this is confusing, I'm bloody confusing myself as I type :p

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Why would you transfer something with USB sticks as opposed to just.. logging on while connected to internet?

So it's just a log on then ? Like I said I know I'm probably being stupid as I'm comparing this to when I changed 360's I had to import my gamer tag