Uh oh that shouldnt have happened you have found a glitch

Just tried redeeming a code on here and got the famous glitch screen twice,  unsure now if the code is going to work when i do it from home tonight!  This site really makes me want to find something else to do in my lunchtime.  Moan over!


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what type of code is it? if its a points or live you should be able to look on settings to see if it's been put on or not.

I bought 1200 MS Points last week when this new site started and was going to enter the code from here but since the site has a few problems I decided against it and probably won't enter codes from the site in future.

I added some MS points last night, I didn't have any problems.

I do get signed out when I click on a thread in this section though, but they said they will  "fix" it.

@Sparklefingers  its for points (Fallout DLC tonight)  it not showing that they have been added, but im not 100% confident that it wont say "code already redeemed" or similar later.  Fingers crossed!

yeah fingers crossed. i've had that in the past but the points always seemed to turn up on my account so i dunno now. i hope you can redeem it.

signed out problem still here happens to me too

Yay a happy ending points worked fine and home and i got to play Fallout DLC all night long!   Still wont attempt anything from this site for a while though!   Fallout DLC highly recommended!