UFC Personal Trainer

I rented this early from work and it is terrible,  the game is glitchey and freezes all the time.  Forget doing jumping jacks, i must of done about 30 and it registered 4!  yet it counted my press ups correctly (17) and sit ups.   I strongly recommend you wait until they fix this game and possibly save some money when it drops in value!



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I suggest checking your local area for a MMA group. Not only will you get fit and learn how to handle yourself but you'll meet new people into the bargain.

? I rented this game to try out kinect and I wasn't best pleased with it

When people complain about kinect not registering their exercises I can't help but wonder if it's because they're doing it with atrocious form. Have you seen the average person doing a press-up? Their belly and lower back sags and the motion is like they're engaging in a romantic pursuit with the floor.]


Situps are also terrible. There are much better ab and core exercises than situps. The way most people do them will only give them lordosis.

I invite you to try this game then, see how awfully finished it is!  I don't see how you can comment until YOU have tried it,  the game freezes whilst you are in mid workout and you have to wait until the game resumes where you have left off.  

And jumping jacks (star jumps) isn't  the most difficult exercise to do... The game needs updating or something before people start shelling out 39.99 for it expecting a fun game?

I'm a big MMA fan, and even I can see that this 'game' is a joke. Whether it's Kinect's fault, or the games fault for not 'registering' reactions, it doesn't matter. What they're marketing it as, is not what it is!


"Featured on Kinect for Xbox 360, only with UFC Personal Trainer will you experience the same high impact, intense, full-body, controller-free work outs as today's renowned UFC fighters. Achieve real results with unparalleled MMA fitness programs designed by the National Academy of Sports Medicine and leading MMA training experts Greg Jackson, Mark Dellagrotte, and Javier Mendez. This is the ultimate workout for the ultimate UFC body."




^ I agree,  I have fun games like dance central, kinect sports and kinect adventures

I have played fighters uncaged and sports island (both done by konami) and those games have too much lag and this has made them terrible.  I believe UFC will be on this list

I REALLY hope starwars will be ok :o/

The Star Wars game isn't even a game. It's so on-rails to the point of almost being a pre-rendered movie

Bah hum bug I was actually looking forward to using the force :(

Oh by the way I did a google search on UFC personal trainer freezing and there's a boat load of people saying it freezes and THQ apologises and is working on fixing it... Surely a company as big as THQ would of paid a couple of beta testers to try the game out prior to releasing it :(

I wouldn't bother with ANY 'exercise' game for Kinect, at all. I like how they have Urijah Faber in the adverts for the UFC personal trainer, saying that you can now copy his workouts.

The only way you're going to look like Urijah Faber in a years time, when using this game, is if your barber gets locked up.

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