UFC on Live in the UK?

I watched E3 and seeing Dana White talk about UFC coming to Live, is this service for the US only?  Or do I still need to have Sky with Live to be able to get this service, which means I'm paying twice, one for Live and then for Sky.


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Yeah, I'm pretty sure this is part of the ESPN deal on XBOX Live, which is only available to customers in the US. If you want UFC here, then it's ESPN subscription through your Sky/Virgin package.

UFC is coming to XBOX live on the 1st of December. Hopefully it will be in its own section as a app with the new dashboard launch.. the package will be separate to the SKY package.

As above, you need an ESPN sub via Sky TV - not available on your Xbox.

Hopefully it's not just for NA like it is now.

from what i know its only going to be for the states.its all down to certain rights. IMO its wrong as all gold members despite location pay around the same for the service so why is some content country restricted

Apparently not content with bombarding us with a host of TV subscription services that will be offered via Xbox LIVE before the end of this year, Microsoft has revealed another trick up their sleeve; they will be bringing the world of mixed martial arts to Xbox LIVE in a big way. On December 1, the UFC will be offered via Xbox LIVE with a host of content, from on-demand content to live pay-per-view events available for streaming. 

Instead of simply offering up PPV fights for streaming, the UFC on Xbox LIVE will present a suite of fight information, including event previews, UFC Countdown, press conferences, weigh-ins, interviews, workouts, and more highlights leading up to a fight. 

Purchasing content works by using a credit card (no need to use up Microsoft Points) to buy either an SD or a 720p HD stream of the fight. While you can't download the content to your Xbox 360's hard drive, you do get a window of time when you can stream the event, which is currently TBD, but should be between 24 to 48 hours.

Helping the UFC on Xbox LIVE create a wholly new experience is the Interactive Fight Card meta-game. UFC fans will be able to check out the tale of the tape on predict the outcome of upcoming fights and compare their predictions with their friends. Doing so will net you some points that can be compared with your buddies as well as on a global leaderboard with UFC fans the world over. The Interactive Fight Card is available viewable from within fights as well, meaning that you never have to cut the action short. 

If you fashion yourself as one of those remote-free TV viewing types, you'll also be able to use Kinect to control the experience, navigating through menus, pausing the action, and accessing the Interactive Fight Card with a wave of your hand. 

One thing that Xbox LIVE gamers will not have access to is Strikeforce content, as the deal currently extends only to the UFC. Additionally, fans can expect to pay the same pricing structure for pay-per-view fights as they'd find with a cable or satellite provider, with no discounts for being a Xbox LIVE Gold account holder. Additionally, while the service will be available to both Gold and Silver LIVE subscribers, specific benefits for Gold members (if any) are yet to be determined. 

The UFC on Xbox LIVE will make its formal debut with the upcoming UFC 140, headlined by a title fight between light-heavyweights Jon Jones and Lyoto Machida, and featuring the highly-anticipated rematch between former heavyweight champs Frank Mir and Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira. 


If they are adding it to Live they should just have it as it's own section within Live and I can watch UFC in the UK and have the price added to my Live subscriptions.

Well, it's on ESPN. Which is a separate package, from the regular Sky channels. So maybe you can pay for that separately without having to pay for Sky Sports, etc? I don't know how it works through the Xbox, as I have Sky HD & ESPN as normal.

As UFC app Is on New Dashboard in the states only at the moment I doubt we will get it

Just stream it on the net for free like 70% percent of people do