Two Xbox One's and 1 live account question

I am getting 2, one for my living room and one for my man cave. I can remember when Microsoft got rid of the family plan, there was a mention at some point that there would be something new with the Xbox one. I have my mancave where I do my main gaming, but also have one in the living room. I want to be able to log in and play games in the man cave, but still have my wife and little girl access the other netflix and stuff like that. Has anyone seen anything to explain our options? Will I have to buy 2 accounts just to do this. That would be kind of silly. Thanks in advance!!!


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Your Xbox Live Account will be able to be active on up to 2 units at the same time. :)

I hope that is the case. Thanks.

Just make your account the main profile in the living room setup. Then your wife and kid will also get access to Gold if they have their own profiles. But I have heard you can be logged in on two units at the same time but I'm not 100% sure on that one. More info here

MS has stated that you can log into one X1 and one 360 at the same time with one profile.

Repeating what was said above, set up your living room console as your "main console". Any account that signs into that console will have all Gold capabilities even if they don't have a Gold account. Also, make sure to buy any digital games you purchase with your account on that console. That way anyone can play those games there even if you're not signed in, and you can play them on your other system. I am doing the same thing, and have confirmed this info from Xbox Support.