two Xbox 360 systems to one account for downloads?

This may sound dumb..but I am wondering if I can connect two systems to one account for downloads?....please respond.


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To have it automatically download or just to be able to use the downloads in general?

you can download content on any console you want and have it on more than one of if you want. You just have to be signed into Live to use the content. If you're trying to queue a download, it will only start on the console that is attached to your licenses. You would manually have to start the download on the other console.

My original console that had my licenses was sold BC got another console so how do I get those licenses switched to new 360 console? Someone said change home consoles but idk how to do this I take my 360 everywhere and sometimes no wifi or internet and can't play any downloaded games as before

The Home console setting is for the One. For the 360 you would need to sign into your account and perform a license transfer.

K tyvm been having to use mobile wifi hotspots to play when I go to my friends