two step verification problem

i cant sign in to my Xbox 360 because I thought it would be a great idea to increases my security for my Xbox 360 but the so called app would not let me because they failed to send me the code

then i contacted Xbox and they said to rest my Xbox so i did. then they said to wait 1-3 hours so i did. then i recontacted them after there site was bk up and i turned off the two step  but i still could not gain access to my account throw my Xbox.

i recontacted Xbox and said i still had a problem but they move to say i have to wait a whole day for it to be fixed with no other form of entertainment  im stuck starring at wall.

just incase you think well at least he has a computer im at a friends house just to write this complaint because to phone Xbox would brake my bank again.

for a mistake they did. 


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To be fair, the codes aren't sent by another person, on another phone. They're generated and sent by the system. Unfortunately, things like this happen from time to time. No system is perfect.

Here is what I do not appreciate. WE ALL PAY FOR MS services, whether subscriptions to XBOX, Office  365, whatever, WE PAY MS monthly or annually.  One dy, when attempting to log in to XBOX, it could not recognize me and I could not log in. SO I went through the two step verification process but was unable to receive a text from the phone number listed because I no longer have it. When I followed the online instructions to recover, and clicked on the option telling MS I do not have the phone number, it locked my account for 30 days!. This is ridiculous. Why is there no internal support or override with necessary verification validation processes in place?  Rather, I've spent hours trying to reach someone at Microsoft and all I get is the same link to recover the account, with my OLD phone number listed!  Why can someone at Microsoft help to change the number for me internally? This would do it. I AN PROVIDE YOU PROOF THIS IS ME MICROSOFT.  Each time this happens, the 30 days resets for another 30 days and the response I get is the same "THIS IS JUST HOW OUR SYSRTEM IS SET UP".  Well this in not good business!. I can appreciate security but when it does not protect your own customers and you do not support to help resolve this, this tells me more about Microsofts attempt to resolve than anything you try to tell me. Your service support is terrible. If I do not resolve, not only will I NEVER buy a MS product again, including XBOX, I will let millions of people know though ONLINE forums, yelp, internet and avery other way until you FIX THIS!!!  Help me recover my account without waiting 30 days to do it. This is not customer service!