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1. I'm nearing the end of Red Dead Redemption as I only have a few side missions left and I'm currently bonding with my son, Jack back at the ranch. As I have really enjoyed this, is the Undead Nightmare DLC worth the buy? They are doing at the minute Undead Nightmare, Liar & Cheats and something else for 1600 xbl points. <P><BR>


2. As I have enjoyed Red Dead so much and having watched L.A Noire trailer, I was wondering when the release date is? 


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Finally third question, how do you tag on the new forums? 

LA Noire is out next Friday mate.

I'd say the undead nightmare pack is well worth getting.

I loved RDR and have rebought it for the online, but could never get into the undead nightmare side of it.


L.A Noire i've had preorder for A LONG time, and can't wait....but its not a rockstar don't buy it just because you liked RDR :P

I bought all the DLC for Red Dead and the Undead Nightmare pack was the best value for money, it had a surprising good single player too it, I thoroughly enjoyed it. It's well worth the cash.

As for L.A. Noire, even though it's developed by Team Bondi, Rockstar have had a fair amount of input on the game so I believe it will meet the Rockstar standard.

The DLC is brilliant, especially multiplayer wise as it just adds so much more to the game. Well worth the money. Any Review would say the same :)

Undead is amazing; i completed RDR and never got any off the paid DLC; a few months ago i seen it for £20 and thought i'd have a crack at it; its bloody brilliant loved playing and it was the best £20 i've spent in a LONG time!

Thanks guys, I think you have sold the Undead Nightmare add on. I think Im gonna go all out and get the bumper pack with the mulitplayer DLC included.

I also think Im going to invest in L.A Noire, I know its not primarily created by Rockstar and thats not the reason I thought it looked cool. Im just really into singleplayer games at the minute and it looks like it could hold my attention, once I have completed RDR!

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Finally third question, how do you tag on the new forums? 



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