Two problems one post (dirty dirty??)

ok so i have 2 problems concerning xbox live.. first thing is the major annoyance i have gotten playing through mass effect one... for no reason what so ever it kicks me off live and wont let me reconnect when i do try to reconnect it signs me out and if i havent saved or passed an autosave point it automaticaly resets mass effect so i have to spend 20 minutes going through the same thing over and over again.. anyone know why this could be its very annoying especialy as its happend three times now and its making me lose interest in what is an amazing game... a side note is that when i first loaded it up it didnt have any updates at all wich i find to be very strange as even new games out for only a week usualy give me an update so yea any help would be appreciated


Secondly i have an android phone and i used the net to connect to the forums but now it wont let me, have never had this problem before and i know its not my phone its the website everytime i try to load up the forums it says header is to long and wont allow me into the forums at all but i can access everything else like the friends list and the marketplace etc etc 


Between these two things i have became very stressed trying to fix the problem or replay through my game not how i want to be spending my day id rather acctualy play my game rather than replay the same bit about 5 times over and if i do have said problems id rather use my phone to see the forums and get help than have to boot up my laptop everytime i need to read the forums 





Any help would be greatly appreciated, Also did anyone else think this was going to be about 2 girls one cup??? UHEHAHEHAHE


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I don't think Mass Effect got any patches, if it did it probably came in through the DLC. Have you checked your connection? It miggt be your internet connection, does it kick you out from other online games? If it is and you can't resolve it then just play disconnected from Live, you don't need to be connected to play it unless you really want time stamped achievements.

Can't help on the second problem at all, and nope I didn't. :)

The only patch Mass Effect got on the 360 was because of the issue between Bring Down the Sky from the Classics Edition bonus disc and Pinnacle Station from the Marketplace.


To get that update you need to boot the bonus disc while connected to Live.

I don't have the bonus disc and it only does it with mass effect, I don't care about the time stamped cheevos just like being in a party to talk to friends... Fixed my phone for now think its just because these new forms suck, need to clear cookies after every session on here for some reason

With regards to the phone and the forum......

I have an Android phone and used to have the forums bookmarked.  It worked fine until the frums got an update then after, when I tried using it would get the error message you stated.

What you need to do is find the forum again through the web browser and re-bookmark it :)

With regard to Mass Effect, have you tried turning off auto save and save manually, I can't remember if that can be be done as it's a long time since I played but you could try and see.