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I was wondering, if I'm broadcasting using a headset and not the kinect as my mic to do commentary, does that mean that people in my squad in BF4/CoD/Titanfall (non-party chat) can hear me as well?
I thought that in-games com would be muted while broadcasting. Or maybe the headset mic can be used in tandem with the kinect mic to both provide commentary and still use in-game coms.
Just curious,  for the Twitch savvy.


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I'm curious about this as well.  I doubt anyone on my team in Titanfall would appreciate my in-game commentary...

In my testing, yes. If you have the microphone enabled on the broadcast, your voice is attached to the broadcast but is still audible in party or game (whichever you are in). So to avoid this, you would want to be in an invite only party by yourself so that no one hears your broadcast banter.

Yes, this is true. When broadcasting, your voice goes over the broadcast and in-game or party. You would have to be in an invite-only party by yourself to avoid having others hear your broadcast banter.

Yes, this is true. If you are broadcasting, your voice goes over the broadcast and into party or game chat. You would need to be in a party by yourself so that no one else would hear your talking that you want in the broadcast.

Well the in game mic is muted when you're broadcasting so they won't be able to hear you.

Are you sure about this vDeacon? I was under the impression that everyone would hear ya while broadcasting, party as well as those that are watching.

Thanks for the responses, I will give an update tomorrow when I try it out again.

People in your party WILL hear you while you are broadcasting. If you do not want party members to hear just mute mic in your party options.

Deac.. I am sure it is.. if you have Kinect for voice set in Twitch app.. it will only use the kinect for the streaming...  not for game.. BUT if you have the mic plugged in.. it will work like it normally does... I am sure i was streaming once and in a party... talking to my buddies...

The chat mic and twitch voice work independently of each other...

I could be wrong.. but I am sure i did it this way and that is how I read it was...

Update: While playing/streaming BF4 Multiplayer, I was also in party chat by myself. I was able to stream/commentate and not have my in-game squad chat bothered by my constant chatter; that part is good.

The bad is, the commentary audio was very low. (I'm using the official Xbox One stereo headset w/ chat adapter).

I raised the Twitch Mic volume up to 100% and dropped the in-game audio down to 80%, but I still couldn't really hear what was being said.

I thought it might be an issue with the short mic length of the stereo headset, but I heard the same said of the Turtle Beach XOFours.

I put up a topic similar to this one on Twitch's forums to try to get ideas on how to raise commentary audio.