twitch and lag

Hello guys i was wondering came live streaming make the game lag? i am asking because i was on bf4 and it lagged in 3 dif games went on ghosts and it lagged so restarted my net and xbox and went back on went 32-2 on ghosts. put my stream back on and i got lag again.


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Yes I have read several people having the same problem, they suggested dropping the stream rate to test.

Yeah that could be the prob is recommended the highest setting for me. ill try the lower setting cheers bud

You should always go with the recommended settings, but if it's lagging, drop it down a bit.

It recommend high for me but noticed a little lagg on PvZ, dropped the quality to medium and it fixed it, I'm on 3MB upload and 60MB download at the minute. Got a nice letter from Virgin Media last week saying there doubling that free of charge in 2 months, so i should be able to do high and not lagg then.

I had lag while streaming bf4 so I just dropped the settings down one and it ran perfect.

i streamed for about 3 hours yesterday and had 0 lag in titanfall at the recommended 2.5MBP/S setting

I had 4 people watching plus the app running on my ipad to monitor chat. I did notice about a 10 second delay form my actions to when i seen it on my ipad though

recommended high for me also, and I know my internet isn't that good. I got lag in titanfall every time i started broadcasting. turned it off, smooth as silk. gonna bump it down when i stream later.

@slayin, i had a 15 second delay while playing forza

Of course your game will lag when streaming if your uploads speeds are adequate enough. From what I am reading you need at least a 2 MB/s upload speed and your lucky to get a good 720P stream even with that speed.

i got 3MB up and 60MB down getting it bumped up soon. i put it to the next setting

It is gonnelag if you dont have high enough upload, or you are using too high settings.

If i recall correctly, full 720p streaming uses 2500Kbps, so you need to be above this for the game not to lag, as it needs upload speed too.