TV Shows+Bandwith?

With the new update for TV Shows like Syfy and what not and seeing as it uses the internet, how well would that paly for most users here in the U.S.A? All of us are data capped per month. Comcast I know with xfinity is 250GB a month, ATT Uverse is also 250GB, but i have the standard DSL on ATT since that's all we can get and that's only 150GB and we pretty much hit that as it is. This is kinda unfair in my opinion since I won't really be able to get to use these amazing new features. I was wondering if there are any talks with the internet service providers because I don't think a lot of people have come to realize this yet.


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I'm on AT&T. I know I use tons of bandwith a month but I've never hit the cap. I wouldn't worry about it too much.

250GB is a LOT! I work off of my laptop at home quite often (and my gf enjoys going on Facebook on hers) and we have never came anywhere close. Even when more internet gets used per month, we still get nowhere near the cap.

watching netflix and playing multiplayer games WILL put you over 250GB. I have crapcast and have had to stop using Netflix and playing online the last week of every billing cycle. 250GB is NOT a lot of data when it comes to streaming movies and shows.

We've never come close to the 250GB cap on Comcast with multiple Xbox's, apps, smart phones, many clients using Go-To-My-PC, etc.. You've got a LOT going on on your network to even come remotely close.


You should be able to watch at least 100 hours of Netflix before hitting 250GB. They also have video quality settings, so you could lower the quality a bit to use less bandwidth.

Yeah, ISPs in the US, really Wrought you guys... I get 500GB per Month in Australia.. =P

I always hear, how bad your connection is on Live, when you get faster speeds than us & we have the same ping times internationally.. Go Figure..

My cap is 20 gig a month I watch movies on cable, I don't see why you need xbox to watch syfy or hbo or whatever just use cable.