TV display Settings & Skyrim Brightness.

after startin skyrim my tv display setting just dont feel ryt , dunno if its the game,    so was wondering what settings u have? Dynamic,Natural or cinima.  and how high or low do u hav the sharpness,  Some say high is better others low,   i hav mine just over half way up bout 8.   Just wondering what y'all use.


And Skyrim is very dark init, ddid u have to turn up the ingame brightness up a lot?


Plz holla bk, 


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I'm not sure what the settings on my TV are, will check later but I didn't have to turn the brightness up when I first played today.

I didn't have to turn the brightness up at all.  It seemed perfect for me, which was a nice change.

Hey everyone I got a game a day early.  look at me  look at me!

I compared it to the pc version and ended up turning the in-game brightness one down from max while having the tv on normal with sharpness turned all the way down.

Found another thread that suggested making sure your hdmi setting is at standard instead of expanded in the Xbox settings. Changing the color space to YCbCr709 might help also.

tv setting depends on your individual TV, no one can help you with their settings.....just try to find some test images for brightness and contrast and go from there (since they are the 2 most important settings). i never have to change in-game brightness settings cause i have calibrated my TV. a tip for brightness, if you can change your TV's aspect ratio to 4:3 then find/create a all black image with your Tv's resolution and then bring the brightness up until you see the difference between the middle picture and the bars on the side(bars are there cause of the 4:3 aspect ratio)

I have a problem with the brightness as well, I have a game mode on my tv that fixes the brightness but cuts off some of the game on the bottom, if i use the game mode i cant see my health and if i dont its dark to see switches and stuff

@Wycked: i am pretty sure you can change your aspect ratio after going into game mode. so look for the aspect ratio option in game mode.