TV audio/video out of sync

is this even a known issue?  I see a few posts, but Im suprised it could be just me... using a standard comcast motorola box and a panasonic ST Plasma.  I would think if this were a systematic issue, this would be more commonly reported.

It starts out fine, but somewhere over the course of the hours, it gets off by some half a second or more.   Ive done a full unplugged reboot a few times, a simple restart does resync things...  For a time.

Restarting the cable box does not resolve it.


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it has been mentioned but I do not blame you for mentioning it, I still can not find away to search this forum and use it.  Yes its a problem with me also.  Sometimes it gets almost like watching the old style of movies made with still pictures, then other times the sound is off just a little bit.  Most of my problems are from my cable box as the gaming sound seems ok.  Well, other than missing surround sound support for my nice headphones.  

yeah, game sound is always in sync.  as is play to dlna media.

just the TV passthrough seems effected.

Ya, going to have to change back to having cable direct to receiver then TV.  Family is complaining.  I tried my best not to notice as I want this X1 to work and give it every opportunity and excuse.  Maybe I will plug my security system into the HDMI, that might be useful.