Turtle Beach XP500

How reliable Turtle Beach XP500s are? Do they have problems with the wireless sound? (Annoying noise or something?)

Someone who owns these, please, share the opinion about it.


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Forget about those. Turtle Beach is very over rated, has inferior sound and has horrible build quality. Buy a pair of Astros instead.

I can't buy those. Have you ever had Turtle Beaches? Are they that bad?

What about Trittons?

Why can't you buy them? The A40's are cheaper than the XP500's. I guess I might have been a little hard on them however the last pair of Turtle Beaches I had were very cheaply made. I was obsessing over reviews after that and have found that while those turtle beaches do pack a lot of features, the sound quality is slightly inferior and the build quality is very inferior. I have read a lot about tritton as well and have read a lot of complaints about things breaking on them such as the mic boom. I am also not completely sure I trust tritton due to my past experiences with Mad Catz.

I think they are unavailable in my country or something. So what is the best after these?

Probably the Turtle Beach tangos. I would look around though and see if you can get the Astros online. Either from the site itself or even Amazon. http://www.astrogaming.com/

Microsofts store sells them as well. But if not, my next choice would be the Tangos.

Those are more expensive than the XP500s. Aren't the Tangos over rated then?

The Tango is a MUCH nicer headset. It sounds better, offers a rechargeable battery, interference-free Dual Band WiFi, has more powerful presets, memory foam and leatherette ear cushions.