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The Question I have is Regarding the turtle beach X41s. I have my turtle beach Optical cable going straight into my LED Tv and was I'm going to do is add my Optical Audio cable splitter in and have the option to add another optical cable and add another Turtle beach 41s so we can watch DVDs without waking people up. However what I want to know is will the headsets interfere with have two X41 hubs?




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Well id guess if they did transmit on the same frequency it wouldnt be a problem as you could set it up to have one transmitter and both headsets recieving the same signal.

So either way for watching dvd's it should work out ok.

You pair the headsets up to their own unit, like wireless routers have different channels. So it will work ok. you can also just use a cable set of headphones and plug them in the front of the X41's decoder and this will also create vitual surround for them :)

I was looking at replacing my x31s.. the 41s were considered but then saw the XP500s..... im getting some of those :):) expensive but meh I have the cash spare so I will treat myself  


It says on their website that only one headset can be paired to any 1 transmitter.