Turtle Beach X41 help

Hi everyone,

My X11s recently broke on me due to the mass of wires it came with, so not made the missus all that happy by buying some X41s over the weekend :D

Problem I have is with the set up, for some reason i have managed to lose the scart socket from elite, meaning one of the new cables with the x41s can not be connected.

Not all bad however as ive managed to use the colour leads (if this makes sense) to plug in the box and hear the sound through my headset without a problem. The only issue is I have managed to lose game soudn through the TV and was wondering how I get past this problem as my little lad plays the xbox sometimes and there is no way im letting him use the X41s!!!

Will I have to go out and buy a new scart to connect the thin black wire it comes with? Any help greatly appreciated.


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Get the Astro A30 with wireless mixamp 5.8 or the A40's.

Do you have the new xbox?

You can pick up the adaptor from eBay quite cheap or just change the wires if poss when your lad goes on it. Can't really understand what you have plugged  in where though, need more info

On the back of you 'coloured' lead for the xbox is a small optical port, use this for the X41's and then connect the red & white sockets on the end of that cable to your tv's audio in. Idealy you need a hdmi cable (if using a HD tv) and the audio pass through for the turtle beach...


Amazon have the full kit for under £6

Oh also once you have everything set up be sure to change your audio setting on the xbox to 5.1 surround and it might be a good idea to get 4X rechargable batteries and a charger. i aways keep a set on charge ready to be swapped over.

Your gaming is about to take the next step up as these headphones are very good :)