Turtle beach X12

After trolling through hundreds of moronic "reviews" on youtube i thought id ask on here.


I currently have the earforce X11 headset coupled with the earforce DSS 7.1 dolby processor , although i am very pleased with it for the most part im thinking the X11's lack a little on the bass side (playing BC2 on wartapes the explosions really tax the X11's and they start to lose response) so ive been looking at the X12's , again to pair up with my DSS processor.


My main concern is is it worth it? are the X12's better? Looking at frequency response they do go a little lower but theres no mention of bass response on either headset on the turtle beach site.


Im also up for other headset suggestions around the same price (£50) but they also need to have an intergrated mic thats compatible with the xbox and has a mic mute and voice volume switch


thanks for reading


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i have the TB px21's they are sold as ps3 headsets but work for xbox 360 and pc as well,they have bass boost (never needed it though as they give good bass anyway) and automatic chat boost so when games get loud you don't have to mess around with the chat volume as well as mic mute and voice volume(they do sell them as a package with the dolby processor you have so they will work well with them)they are wired though

Mr Funknuts - I'd be interested to hear how you hooked up the PX21's. I bought a pair last night but had problems getting the game sound into the headset (and indeed voice chat). I have a 120GB elite connected to my TV via HDMI. I have seen in the guides that I might need some audio adapter. Is that what you have, or is my best best just to get the DSS as that seems to connect direct to the Xbox via USB and S-Video?

PS. Sorry for hijacking the OP.

i purchased a pair of turtle beech x12's aroung a month ago, and must say they are very comfortable to wear for long periods of time, and the sound quality is fantastic. i must say everyone that i know that has the x11's all agree the x12's are better.

argos now selling x12's for £39.99 can't go wrong