Turtle beach x12 no red av cable

I ordered turtle beaches on eBay and when they get here will I need the red av cables tv does NOT have red

So what ur sayin' is dat da tertle briches doesn't come wit da ROJO av cable and your TV only has the white RCA port?


Lol in english, turtle beaches get audio from either an optical port or the red and white RCA splitter cables depending on the model. assuming you ordered ones that are stereo RCA (red and white), you need to utilize both RCA connectors to get both stereo channels. So your TV only has the 1 white port, correct?


I don't think that should matter since you would connect them from your Xbox 360's AV port audio connectors into the turtle beaches RCA female side. Then connect the 1 white RCA cord to your TV's white RCA audio port.


Please correct and clarify anything that i have said to be wrong.


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