Turtle Beach X12 No Audio on TV

My son got Turtle Beach x12 headset for Christmas.  Hooked it up yesterday. Headset works great, but now we have no audio on TV when not using headset. Following guid everything should be set up ok.  what am I doing wrong???????????


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What connections do you use for your TV? If you are running composite or component, do you have the propper piggy back cables connected, if you are running HDMI, I'm not quite sure as the audio should be routed through both (for example, I used to use X4's and has Digital Audio connected to the transmitter and RCA audio connected to the auxiliary in on my Shelf Stereo System, both would work simultaneously).

Here is an image of how things should be connected:

I am running thru composite video. I followed the diagram you listed above & it doesn't work.  Even when I totally disconnected the cables from the xbox & tv I still have no sound when we turn the xbox back on.  I tried checking settings on xbox & changed to speakers only & then both speakers & headset & still no audio on xbox.  It's weird because when you turn the tv on there is audio.  Not sure what I am doing wrong.  Thansk for your help.

Plug your cables from the Xbox in like you would without the Headset. Then plug the red and white cables from the headset into the tv audio output instead.

If you have an audio out option, the above post is a perfect solution

Here is another post that I wrote up earlier but didn't post:

Ok, I'm a little confused. Just to be sure, what is not working when:

1. Does the game audio work when the Xbox is directly connected to the TV?
2. Does the game audio work when the Xbox is only connected to the Headset?
3. Does the game audio work through the headset when the Xbox is connected to both the TV and Headset?
4. Does the game audio work through the TV when the Xbox is connected to both the TV and headset?

Note, the headset contains two different audio channels, when connected to the controller, you are receieving the Chat channel, when connected to the Xbox you are receiving the Game audio (the same that would go through the TV). The settings on the Xbox are for Chat audio only. That should be set to headset only for when using the headset, this will cause game audio to play through both the TV and Headset while Chat audio through the headset only, if set to both game audio remains the same but Chat audio will play through both, and of course of set to speakers then game audio will still play through both but chat audio will play only through the TV. Ideally, this should be set to headset only especially when using the X12.

As for the issues with sound, if it is your TV not producing the sound, check the settings on the TV. Make sure the connections are appropriate. You said you are using Composite, that means the standard Yellow video cable should be connected and the Red and White audio cables need to be connected to the corresponding audio for that Video cable. Some TVs, such as my family's still strong Tube TV have 3 auxiliary sources all of which use the Composite Yellow Video cable. Make sure, if you have multiple inputs for video, that the audio cables are connected to the correct coresponding source. For example, your TV may have Video 1 and Video 2 but if the video is connected to Video 1 and the audio to Video 2, then you will receive only Video when on Video 1 and only Audio when on Video 2.

I'm sorry if any of this is redundant or obvious for you but the first part of this message (the 4 questions above) will better help me in assisting you further. Otherwise I'm slightly confused as to what your second post is saying. As a note, when I say game audio, test out a game to be sure. Check to make sure volume is on on devices as well.

Thanks for all of your help.  Didn"t notice there was another set of white/red inputs on back of tv.  I had them plugged int he wrong one!!! I have a happy 12 year old now!

Thanks again for your timely & very helpful reply's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)