Turtle Beach X12 Issue-Mic Monitor Feature

Here's a question for all you X12 owners. I just upgraded my X11's to the X12's and the one thing that I am not getting is the Mic Monitoring. I can not hear myself talking through the headset when I talk into the mic. I thought maybe it was a defective pair I bought so I returned them and got another pair from the same store. However the same issue is there. Any suggestions or tips? I have checked the sound settings on the console itself and they are set at what TB recommended in the manual. I have also checked the in-line settings on the headset and they are working as they should.

Am I missing something?

Side Note-I have them connected via the audio adapter for the console. I also have tried connecting them to the TV set via the rca plugs but then I get no sound at all from them, just chat. I also tried them on my pc and for some reason the Mic Monitor works on that but not on my console. Is it possible it could be my controller? I have an old fat white console/controller from 2010. Wouldn't think that would matter though.

Anyway, any help would be great. Otherwise I'm considering returning them for good this time if I can't get it sorted within the week.I don't want to as I have used TB for years and they have been great up until now. 


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Which setup are you doing the HDMI or RCA?  Here is a link to the PDF User Guide of your unit.


I am connected via the HDMI/Audio Adapter. For some reason the issue has resolved itself. I unplugged the green cable for a few seconds to try something else and when I plugged it back in, after the something else didn't work, it was working. I don't know if it was just a bad connection, loose wire, or bad luck, but it is now letting me hear myself when I talk into the mic.

Thanks for the assistance SparkStormRider, it is appreciated.