Turtle Beach X11 Headphones not letting me chat!

Hi guys, I have posted this in the communication section of the forums but it's not exactly getting many hits!

Basically I got X11 headphones at Christmas, brand new from Amazon. I'm in the UK, and I connect my xbox to the tv using the 5 coloured cables, use a genuine Xbox wireless controller and my turtle beach headphones plug into my Xbox through the USB cable. The only cable that isn't connected is the pink one which I am led to believe is for plugging into a pc... (which I find odd if it's a set of 360 headphones)

I have been online for hours looking for a solution, I find videos of people setting up their X11s but they all seem to have different ones from me! For a start, there seems to be a cable connected to the controller and also an extension cable thing for the green cable..... I have neither of these - my green cable plugs into the little black dolby box thing! I can get game sounds no problem (sounds awesome btw), can hear people on live chat no problem at all and most impotantly of all - I can hear myself through the headphones too

No speaker symbol shows however when I'm in a party for example, my preferences are of course set to come through the headphones, game volume isn't drowning out the chat, mic is not on mute etc etc. I've had all the cables out and put them back in and all that but nothing. I'm getting seriously f***** off with it to be honest.

Please, if anyone can give me a solution then please share it with me......


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Can't comment on how to hook them up however your issue with the videos are, you are searching the wrong headset. If you have a Dolby box, you do not have the X11's. you have the step up which are the DX11's. search that instead.

Cool, I find it strange that Turtle Beach generalise the X11 and the DX11 under the same umbrella in terms of troubleshooting if they are completely different!

The X11`s are 360/PC compatible, hence the pink jack plug.

To get chat to work there should have been a small cable with a 2.5mm jack plug both ends. One end of this should plug into the in-line amplifier/volume control on the headset cable and the other end into the jack socket on the controller.

That is the only way to get chat to work.

Below is a link with all the details for the X12`s (which are just an updated version of the X11`s) there are full details of how to correctly connect the headset and details of what cables should have come with the headset.



I myself use X11`s and am in the UK, so any problems just PM me.

Turns out I do indeed need this talkback cable.... a cable that I never got! Raging, can't even contact the seller on Amazon because it was bought 3 months ago - they'd quite rightly just assume that I had broken it and was trying it on. I managed to find an official TB supplier on eBay, For less than £4 I get a cable sent to me this week.....

In some ways I feel a bit of an *** now!

No one is perfect, we all make mistakes, only natural lol

If you don't want to wait, you can always go into any store that sells electronics and pick up a 2.5mm cable for a few bucks.