turtle beach headsets

hiya folks need some advice and possible help. im buying some turtle beach headsets for my son. need some advice on which ones are value for money and where to purchase them from. if you could leave some feedback on your experiences with using the headsets it would be really appreciated.

many thanks jammy


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X11's prob best value, pick em up for around 30-35.  Only drawback is lots of wires.  

Your best bet is the cheapest option, however, that usually means alot of wires (X11's).

Turtle Beach XLC is cheaper again, but hey're pretty poor in comparison.

hey u can google turtel beaches

X11's are a great headset, and now they are cheap as chips.

glad ur happy with your purchase, i have x31's and apart from eating batteries they are great and the wireless box can be hidden behind the tv.

i also found a wire that will let me use them with my ps3/laptop/tv for 97p which may be handy to others.

if you want  link for them p.m. me

The only crticism I can think of with Turtle Beach is that they only do Dolby Headphones surround.

I've noticed that more and more blu rays are only using DTS surround tracks these days.

Maybe in the future they need to look to giving their top end headphones the ability to decode DTS properly  because they are awesome for watching films as well as playing games, but the way things are going they won't be able to decode  the full surround tracks on most blu rays in the future.

there are x31s available on ebay (brand new) for £45. I have a pair and they are brilliant, hungry on batteries but well worth buying. Comfortable to wear and the sound options are great

Hope you like 'em. I think mine are great - I was surprised how much better they sound than my X4's used to.

Still toying with the idea of getting the Bluetooth transmitter to replace the Mic cable too. ;-)

I own Turtlebeach Earforce X1's (the ones that are now discontinued) and i have owned them for 3 year now and ive had no problems at all, cables dont even bother me to be perfectly honest, i payed £70 for these a while back and havent looked back since, only problem is my left ear cup has a large rip in it and it is uncomfy and muffles when audio reaches a certain level, quite annoying! Also they overheat after maybe an hour or two of been turned on.


Cheap (now)


Good quality mic and audio (dolby surround sound)


Long wires (and about 3 of them)

Overheat after a few hours.

Puck cable isnt very sturdy and will most probably get damaged eventually.

Good luck

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