Turtle Beach Headphone support through the new adapter


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Your headset is NONE of those? What is it?

Possibly one of the older models like the X1 or one of the PX series that isn't a PX4.

I've had a set of the X11s for going on 10 years i should think, still work like brand new. now rendered useless other than use with my cisco softphone at work :(

I think 10 years is a slight exaggeration ;( I only got my X1s 5 years ago and I got those when only a handful of people knew what Turtble Beach was.

Still, I see your point. You could try and buy one though and ask if you can return it if it's incompatible. X11s are very similar to the X12s and that list does seem to be missing all the older range.

@ iBakez

I've got X11's & X12's... I can confirm that the X11's are supported. I checked this out for Cloud and did post the results in one of the many... many headset adapter threads... So I can understand if you didn't see it. X12's are basically just updated X11's.

The list shows DX11's which are just the ones with the Earforce DSS included.

@Xeno you legend :) Thank you

@sausage, TB have been around since 1975 and in the headphone market since 2003 so 10 years isn't too far off :)

No problemo.