Turtle Beach Earforce PX5 Set-up

I would like to see what others know of the best set-up for connecting a Samsung LCD TV / Xbox 360 to the PX5 headphones. I have the Xbox 360 connected to the TV via hdmi - Should I use the annalogue connections from the tv to PX5 (not the TV's Optical connection) and connect the Optical connection straight from the 360 to the PX5? Please help as I would like to get the full digital sound out of the PX5 - The tv only puts out digital stereo - not digital surround. Please help with suggestions - Thanx.

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You are going to want to run the Toslink optical from the 360 to the PX5 decoder and make sure the 360 is set to output 5.1 Dolby Digital. It will let the decoder downmix the signal to stereo and do a better job of simulating surround sound. Then it looks like with another optical cable you can run it from the PX5 decoders optical out to your TV or other sound setup.

Thanx for that - I am rumning the toslink optical from the xbox to the headphones and the xbox is set to 5.1 sound - Perfection and sounds sweet. Thanx.